The Leading COPPA Compliant Solution for Parental Consent Verification

ChildGuardOnline is an innovative and reliable technological method for websites and mobile apps to verify parental consent. Our patented technology provides internet safety for kids while ensuring that your business is compliant with FTC Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) laws. Learn More

FTC Grants Approval for New COPPA Verifiable Parental Consent Method. Learn More

NEW   ChildGuardOnline granted U.S. Patent.Learn More

Protect your business

Companies trust us to help them effectively comply with new COPPA and data privacy laws. >>

Reduce administrative costs

Our robust, patent-pending technology securely verifies the identity of parents, saving you time and resources. >>

Give parents real-time control

Parents can instantly approve
and actively monitor the sites their children visit using our Parent
Portal. >>

How it Works

ChildGuardOnline uses a combination of modern,
patent-pending technology
and anti-fraud methodological expertise. >>