Advanced Methodology and Technology
for FTC COPPA Compliance

ChildGuardOnline is an innovative and cost effective solution that makes it easy for businesses targeted toward children under the age of 13 to obtain and verify parental consent to comply with online data privacy laws.

For Online Businesses: For Parents/Guardians:
Gives websites real-time parental approval to permit or prevent children from logging on to a website. Allows parents to instantly approve and actively monitor the sites and apps they have given their children permission to use.
Ensures compliance with COPPA internet privacy laws. Gives parents the ability to withdraw approval for any site or app previously approved.
Reduces administrative costs. Keeps the internet safe for kids.
Provides a superior, robust, and more reliable method than email plus.

Sophisticated Anti-Fraud Protection Advantage

Our expertise in providing industry-accepted identity validation, certification, and fraud- protection solutions makes ChildGuardOnline the most reliable choice over other methods. We employ numerous anti-fraud checks and balances to effectively validate the identity of parents or guardians before we approve any child’s site requests. Some of these measures include:

Verification of submitted address and discovered geo-location

FTC approved, knowledge-based authentication method using challenge questions to establish
valid identity
Correlation of the number of sites per parent Use of the last four digits of the Social Security Number to validate ID and age
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